Professional Actor Studios

Our Professional Actor Studio courses are one year part-time curriculum based training programs. We have the popular Professional Actor Studio and Professional Actor Studio 2. We also run an advanced ensemble acting program called Stage Verve. These Acting Courses are performance based and include a major performance project. 

Strong ties to the industry with opportunities to meet and learn from Australia’s best.
Experience the rush of performing in a professional production to a public audience.
Evening and weekend part-time training offers flexibility to pursue your acting passion.

Professional Actor Studio

A part-time curriculum-based journey tailored for inspired actors to develop essential practical skills and techniques. Unlock your creativity, release your imagination and tap into your artistic potential as you explore a range of acting methods.

Professional Actor Studio 2

A dynamic, part-time curriculum that will take your actor training to the next level. This course is carefully designed to advance the skills and consolidate the experience of actors who have completed Professional Actor Studio. Develop your craft for stage, film and TV while discovering new possibilities for your creative growth.

Stage Verve

Experience the transition from training to working as a professional actor within the industry. Stage Verve Company actors collaborate with an exciting mix of contemporary directors to produce professional text-based and devised works for performance in Melbourne’s fringe theatre scene.