Professional Actor Studio 2

Professional Actor Studio 2 is a highly dynamic, part-time curriculum that takes your training to the next level. The year is carefully designed to advance the skills and consolidate the experience of actors who have completed Professional Actor Studio. In this second year of training you will develop your craft for stage, film and TV while discovering new possibilities for your creative growth.

As you deepen your challenges and range as an actor and artist, you will also gain invaluable practical experience, performing in an extended season of Verve Studio’s theatrical initiative – The One Act Play Project.


1 x 3hr session | Weekly

Term one begins with an individual acting diagnostic. This allows you, in close consultation with your professional actor-trainers, to clearly set your developmental goals and trajectory for the year ahead. The term also comprehensively explores advanced imagination, composition and structure. A strong focus on ensemble practice underscores the purpose of this first term.


1 x 3hr session | Weekly

In term two you will gain invaluable on-camera experience whilst continuing to develop and deepen your acting craft.  This term will focus on presence and finding truth in your work.  Working with film and TV scripts on camera, you will develop a profound process for deep investigation.


2 x 3hr session | Weekly

Term three takes you through a journey of advanced text; explored through two essential media – camera and stage.

Session One – Text on camera

Building directly on the training of term two, these sessions allow you to delve deeper into acting on-camera. The term will prepare you for the creative and functional demands expected of actors in the industry; teaching you to be professional, to take responsibility for your individual creative process within the medium of film and television and to capture audience imagination on screen. The term will conclude with a sample of your work being professionally shot and this will be given to you as a take home show reel of your acting for the screen, as well as providing you with a truly valuable developmental tool.

Session Two­ – Advanced Scene Study

In these sessions of term three, you will intensively explore text, process and ensemble practise as you bring text to performance over the course of the entire term.  Exploring a variety of acting methodologies for text, these sessions will expand your actor tool kit, enrich the theoretical grounding of your practise and deepen your familiarity with contemporary theatrical texts.


2 x 3hr session | Weekly

The final term is dedicated to the rehearsal & production of Verve Studios’ theatrical performance initiative, The One Act Play Project. You and your ensemble are cast into a number of one-act plays that are produced and performed in a premiere Melbourne independent theatre venue over an extended season.

The One Act Play Project provides an invaluable space for you to continue the deeper exploration of text and process begun in Term three. The project also presents you with a unique opportunity to demonstrate your development as an actor whilst experiencing what it is to work side-by-side with an on-going ensemble and fringe theatre director. The One Act Play Project will showcase you as an actor who is committed, proactive, skilled, imaginative and, most importantly, employable.

   Commencing 2017

    Invitation Only

  Pre requisite:
     PAS (or equivalent)


“I feel as though my journey has truly begun here with Verve Studios. I feel I have grown in so many ways in technique and as a person. Meeting people of such a high standard, some of Australia’s best teachers, that I would not have met at any other school. This is the best course I have ever found outside of the main stream schools such as VCA and NIDA.”
– Andrew (2004)

“During my time at Verve Studios I  learned discipline, focus and keep my mind open to what the script is saying. Staying humble to the words and the director and yet using my own instincts as a driver for character work. I also learned to listen to others and stay alert to the action happening around me”
– Fiona (2016)