Professional Actor Studio

Be an actor. Unlock your creativity. Release your imagination.
Tap into your artistic potential. Explore a range of acting methodology and launch into the industry.

Verve Studio’s Professional Actor Studio is a 1-year, part-time curriculum based course tailored for inspired actors to develop essential practical skills and techniques. Verve Studios has assembled a carefully selected staff of actor-trainers, who are among the best Melbourne has to offer, to guide and mentor emerging talent through an incredible year of development.


1 x 3hr session | Weekly

The Professional Actor Studio commences with a focus on uncovering your potential as an actor. Each week builds your key skills in listening, observing and communicating through spatial awareness, physical dynamic and impulse. This focus allows a strong framework for the term’s exploration of the art of characterisation.


1 x 3hr session | Weekly

Term two delves into the world of text. Through advanced scene study, discover various techniques for approaching text and learn how to transform what’s on the page into a living, breathing performance. An in-house showing is presented at the end of term. This mid-year performance allows you to discover your progress as an actor in training.


1 x 3hr session | Weekly

The ability to generate your own work is an invaluable skill as an actor and performing artist. Term three is dedicated to an exploration of performance-making. This term allows you to extend your creativity and develop new techniques; applying the skills you have consolidated in the Professional Actor Studio to a chosen project. You will access essential skills for creating your own work and discover the empowerment of the actor as creator.


1 x 3hr session | Weekly + Showcase Production Week

The course concludes in term four with the Industry Showcase. This is it, your opportunity to launch yourself into the Industry as a skilled actor emerging from a dynamic year of training. Working closely with a professional director, pieces will be selected to highlight your deepened acting range and skills. From rehearsal to performance, you will work together with your director and ensemble to create your Industry Showcase. This will be presented in a professional theatre venue to an audience including invited Industry Professionals.

   Wednesday Evenings
a     6.30pm – 9.30pm

   Commencing 2017


 “I have found my experience with Verve has not only improved my acting skills, it has given me greater confidence, creativity and a whole new group of friends!”
PAS Student 2016

“Verve gave me the ability and environment to feel free, open, honest and creative. In a trusting environment I was inspired and motivated by Verve Director Darren, and have learnt invaluable lessons in drama & theatre.”
Emma (2004)